Helix Hotel
Abu Dhabi, UAE

In August 2008, LEESER Architecture won the bid to design a new luxury hotel in the Zayed Bay District of Abu Dhabi. The central focus is a helical floor surface that surrounds an undulating void, with the public functions of the hotel occurring at each level. A continuous route from bottom to top unifies the floors and provides a seamless experience for the hotel guest and visitor.

At the lobby level, an undulating glass curtain encloses a waterside dining room, opening in the winter and closing in the summer. One flight above, the hotel’s conference facilities embrace a business event garden that overlooks Zayed Bay. Guest suites, lounge areas, international business center, retail shops, a lap pool, running track, gym, spa and a health café are just some of the hotel’s highlights. Designed to be both icon and highly functioning machine for the delivery of world class service, the hotel will serve as an anchor facility in the Zayed Bay District and greater Abu Dhabi. As a mini-city, it will convey a sense of cool, calibrated and contemporary environment from within and without. As much a world destination as it a place to simply spend the night.


logo Helix Hotel by Leeser Architecture

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logo Helix Hotel by Leeser Architecture

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