We believe every building + space has its own story to tell ...a unique experience that we discover in collaboration with our clients.


LEESER Architecture is an internationally acclaimed studio, known as a pioneer in design that specializes in the inclusion of new media and digital technologies in architecture.

As the winner of numerous awards including the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award 2013 and New York City’s 2011 and 2010 Public Design Commission Award, LEESER Architecture is internationally sought after for its reputation of creating innovative, cutting-edge architectural design solutions.



LEESER Architecture
20 Jay Street, Suite m03
Brooklyn, New York 11201
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BRIC Interview with Thomas Leeser


Our designs are informed by social, cultural, environmental + technological patterns. We create richly varied spatial experiences + new programmatic relationships within frameworks that address impact + performance...learn more >>


Thomas Leeser is internationally known for his iconic architectural designs at all scales. As principal of his own firm for the past twenty five years, his passion for the fusion of emerging technologies and architecture has driven many of the firm’s award winning designs. Thomas’s commitment to architecture extends beyond practicing in the field. For the past twenty five years he has been an architecture professor at nine different universities. He is currently teaching at Cornell University and Pratt Institute. In his teaching and professional work, Thomas explores his commitment to innovation and the advancement of the field of architecture. Thomas specializes in museums, theaters, broadcast and educational facilities.